Ulak Haberleşme İleri Elektronik Teknolojileri

Ulak Haberleşme A. Ş.


ULAK COMMUNICATIONS Inc. was established by SSTEK Defense Industry Technologies on April 20, 2017 to carry out R&D and engineering activities of mobile and broadband communication systems used by commercial network operators, to manufacture, test, install and integrate such systems and spare parts, to sell and to market, to import and export, to provide training, maintenance, and support services.


Her vision is to be a global institution that will shape the future of communication technology solutions with its ecosystem by providing products and technologies for end-to-end, sustainable and reliable communication infrastructures to meet the increasing communication needs.


ULAK develops end-to-end local networking technologies,  makes existing 4.5G technologies developed with domestic and national facilities sustainable,  produces innovative, dynamic and creative solutions based on R&D in world standards for 5G and beyond, in line with the needs of developing technologies and application and  produces patent and IPR by implementing high value-added studies on broadband communication Technologies.

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