Intouch Endüstriyel Tasarım Teknolojileri


Intouch is a community management app with powerful interactive features. It's a fully private social media platform for all types of communities with a strong and flexible CRM database and detailed reporting features.
With Intouch, your members meet their interaction needs, while at the same time leaving significant traces that support the management. You can track the efficiency of the announcements', events' and surveys' interactions power, follow the notifications in real time and manage your members with dynamic filters.
Intouch has modular features, that means you can create your own mobile app with the features you select. Moreover, you can name after your app as you wish and use your own logo.
Intouch provides native mobile apps on IOS & Android platforms for your members and administrative web application for your community managers.
According to your preferences, you can serve your app on cloud or on-premise.

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