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Faas IT Solutions (FAST) is a fast-growing SME in the region, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects. FAST provides innovative end-to-end value-added next generation SaaS based multi-cloud cost optimization solutions.

FAST has extended core expertise in cloud computing, cost optimization, agile cloud operations,  and predictive analytics services that have culminated into a MaxSpotter platform which can enable future cost optimization tools for Public Clouds.

Companies operating on the Public Clouds are targeting to expand geographically and to increase the number of their customers rapidly for their vertical services. Their cloud spendings are significant and growing quickly. Managing cloud spendings and cloud governance are the top challenges for them. Due to the technical difficulties, cloud users cannot do all they can to optimize costs. In 2019, overall cloud spendings  reached 64 billion USD globally. SaaS platform spendings are more than 15 billion USD in Europe. Our company, FAST has developed the MaxSpotter platform for optimizing multi-cloud costs by utilizing cloud excess capacity via advanced predictive analytics services. Our breakthrough technology provides upto 90% cost savings without any service interruptions.

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